A Viking Funeral


All good things must come to an end. Especially if these things are software

Midgard has been a constant presence in OpenPSA ever since the days when Netscape ruled surpreme. In fact, it has been the foundation on which MidCOM was developed, providing a stable environment in a time when there were few native PHP frameworks that could have offered the same.


Unfortunately, the Midgard community‘s momentum never recovered from the introduction of Midgard 2. Similar to the KDE 3 to 4 migration of the same era, you had all the feature-complete and deployed code running on a framework in maintenance-only mode, while the newer, developing version was sufficiently different and untested that making the business case for a migration project proved to be very difficult. So Midgard 1 instances continued running on a stagnant platform with a builtin expiration date (due to the maximum supported PHP version being 5.3), while Midgard 2 never really took of, since there was very little code that could be made to run on it with reasonable effort.


At the same time, native PHP solutions for what Midgard provided became more and more competent, which only made the disadvantages of Midgard (limited hosting options due to the need to install custom libraries & a PHP extension, segmentation faults, more difficult debugging, little IDE support) all the more apparent, especially since it could never play out it cross-language strengths due to lack of adoption.


So the writing was on the wall (and in this blog) for a while now, and today, it has finally happened: Support for running OpenPSA on the Midgard extensions has been removed. It has been a good ride, but now it‘s time to say goodbye and send our old Viking friend on his final journey.


Right now, the removal of extension support brings us some welcome reductions in complexity and mostly unused code. Going forward, it will allow us to streamline our dependencies, the installation/setup experience and of course pave the way for many performance improvements by more fully utilizing the newly-available of Doctrine functionality. If you still have old sites you want to port to OpenPSA while continuing to use Midgard, you can use the recent 9.1.0 release, for new sites, enjoy the benefits of midgard-portable!


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