OpenPSA 9.0 RC1 Released


This release contains mostly small, incremental changes, and continued efforts to streamline the code base by removing unmaintained and/or not commonly needed functionality from the main repository. Where appropriate, the features are available through the midcom-extras package.

Among the most notable changes are

  • new, fullCalendar-based interface for calendar browsing
  • rewritten Watcher service, based on Symfony Event Dispatcher
  • numerous performance improvements in for working with large object trees in Asgard
  • improved PHP 5.5 compatibility
  • initial support for running on midgard-portable, and improvements for CLI mode and Asgard shell functionality
  • replaced unmaintained PEAR diff library with a Composer-based solution, and the PEAR Mail packages with Swiftmailer
  • the usual pile of refactorings, cleanups and usability improvements

In total, the diffstat shows 949 changed files, with 16064 insertions and 11024 deletions. See the list of commits to get a full picture.



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