OpenPSA 9.0 RC2 Released


The main focus of this release is the addition of support for midgard-portable. You can now run OpenPSA and the framework with Doctrine ORM, eliminating the need to install a custom PHP extension.


Other notable changes include:

  • CSRF support in Datamanager2 forms
  • Replaced of the remaining PEAR dependencies (Text_Diff, HTTP_Request2) with Composer-based ones (php-diff, Buzz)
  • Port session handling and UI messages service to Symfony HTTP Foundation
  • Updated JS dependencies (including new major releases of TinyMCE, CodeMirror, and fullCalendar)
  • the usual mix of cleanups, simplifications and usability improvements

In total, the diffstat shows 3856 changed files, with 92404 insertions and 109190 deletions. See the list of commits to get a full picture.


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