OpenPSA 9.0 RC3 Released


Next stop: 9.0 stable!

As we prepare for going stable (there are no further RCs planned), the main focus of this release has been add robustness and streamlining of both the codebase and the user experience. We have also made a number of improvements to the developer experience it the form of improved IDE autocompletion support.

Other notable changes include:

  • better file picker integration for TinyMCE, including a new link picker
  • improvements to toolbar behaviour & flexibility
  • simplified (and faster) deletion workflow for most OpenPSA components
  • numerous fixes & improvements to reporting, sales, and direct marketing components
  • updated to new major releases of jquery.ui, fancytree and fullcalendar
  • the usual mix of cleanups, usability, and documentation improvements

In total, the diffstat shows 1594 changed files, with 9959 insertions and 16372 deletions. See the list of commits to get a full picture.


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