OpenPSA 9.0beta2 Released


Just in time for the holiday season, a new beta release of OpenPSA 9 is ready for your testing pleasure!

As usual, there has been much development activity all over the tree, the diffstat shows 22227 insertions and 19418 deletions since the first beta release in early September. Some highlights include:

  • 125 new unittests, and greater coverage for many existing ones
  • a completely overhauled indexing system, which makes reindexing up to 10 times faster, improves index contents and fixes a number of deletion-related issues
  • Better extensibility through component inheritance: You can now extend exitsting components, overriding only the parts you want to adapt
  • Updated dependencies: Many bundled third-party libraries like tinymce, jquery and jqgrid have been updated, and deprecated code has been removed

Apart from that, there's the usual pile of new, helpful little features, bug fixes and performance and usability improvements. You can see the whole list of changes here, try the application on our demo server or download the source here.




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