OpenPSA 9.0beta3 Released


The next beta is upon us!

This release incorporates over three months of development effort, including the following items:


  • Improved code editing in Asgard: the old EditArea widget has been replaced by CodeMirror, which brings much better robustness and performance

  • No more Superglobals: All in-tree code has been converted to the new API, a backward compatibility wrapper is provided. Read more here

  • New slideshow component: A simple, Galleria-based image galery with HTML5 admin backend

  • More grid-related goodness: Another batch of often-used HTML tables has been converted to the grid widget, which has received a number of new features and improvements


Aside from that, there were lots of smaller fixes, cleanups and usability improvements all over the tree. In total, 1422 files were changed with 37834 insertions and 34082 deletions. You can view all changes here and the closed tickets here.

You can also try the application on our demo server or download the source here.




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