OpenPSA 9.0beta4 Released


It's this time of the year again...

Right before the holiday season (or the end of the world if you prefer) we give you a shiny new beta of OpenPSA 9.0 to play with. This release has been a long time in the making, and brings among others the following changes:

- Compatibility with PHP 5.4: The testuite now regularily runs on PHP 5.4 environments, too, so with Midgard2, you can now run on the latest crop of distributions. At the same time, the mimum requirement has been bumped to PHP 5.3, allowing us to remove quite a number of legacy workarounds and use more current PHP features and libraries

- Experimental installer: After a long time of being practically only manually installable, we now have an experimental Composer-based installer, which also takes care of installing dependencies (so when updating, you need to run composer install so that PEAR packages and the like can still be found). There is also a Vagrant-based setup in the new MidOM project template, which should get you started pretty quickly.

- UI improvements: All major Javascript dependencies have been updated to their latest versions, and a number of old custom widgets have been replaced for a more streamlined experience. OpenPSA's grid integration has also seen a number of improvements that should make grids much easier to use

- Create.js integration: Via CreatePHP, you can now take an early look at the next-generation RDFa-powered inline editing interface


Apart from that, there is the usual pile of cleanups, modernizations and optimizations. All told, 1822 files were changed since the last release, with 56584 insertions and 38593 deletions. You can view all changes here and the closed tickets here.

You can also try the application on our demo server or download the source here.




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