OpenPSA 9.0beta5 Released


Summer may start fading, but the coding marches on

After almost nine months and almost 1000 commits, it is time for the next beta release of OpenPSA. The main focus of this release has been the deeper integration of Composer, which not only means easier installation for end users, but also simplifies code maintenance: The majority of bundled PHP libraries has now been replaced by Composer dependencies, so that it's a lot simpler to stay current. Also, our custom Composer installer is now capable of wiring together all pieces midcom components typically have, so that installing out-of-tree components is now fully supported by the framework, allowing you to mix and match as needed by your project.

Aside from that, the usual cleanup and modernization efforts continue: Tons of legacy workarounds were removed, all Javascript dependencies were updated to their latest major releases, and performance and usability improvements implemented all over the tree.

Other notable changes include:

  • DM2 Autocomplete widget: This jQuery UI-based widget has now replaced the former Chooser widget in all cases. If you're nostalgic, Chooser (and a few others) is still available from the new midcom-extras repository.
  • jQuery 2 compatibility: All JS code is now compatible with the latest jQuery release, unsupported plugins have been replaced with more modern alternatives.
  • Absolute URLs: All parts of the framework have been switched from full to absolute URLs, making it easier to use OpenPSA with reverse proxies.
  • Cancelation workflow for invoices: Cancelations can now be done with the click of a button

This of course is only the tip of the iceberg, all in all 2394 files changed with 105547 insertions and 128961 deletions, see the list of commits for a full picture.




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