OpenPSA 9.1.0 Released


Our second stable release has arrived

As announced during the last release, in this cycle, a lot of work went into removing unused and deprecated functionality, and bringing the code closer in line with modern standards. That is not to say that all changes were under the hood, there's a nice list of user-visible improvements, too, for example:

  • org.openpsa.notifier can now be extended with custom backends (like Slack/HipChat integration for example)
  • a new & improved Markdown editor replacing the unmaintained markitup! editor
  • UI streamlining & usability improvements all over the place, most prominently in the product database
  • Improvements in security-related areas like random string generation and login session handling
  • a new caching backend based on Doctrine Cache
  • new hcard parser (mf2)
  • Support for TinyMCE image editor, i.e. you can now edit images onsite

This is also the very last release that will still run on the Midgard PHP extensions. The test harness for these extensions has already been disabled, but the support code is still in place. That means you can still run openpsa-based sites on the extension. midgard-portable is now installed by default and will be the ORM of choice going forward. But more on that in another post.




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