OpenPSA 9.2.0 Released


Get it while it's hot!

As announced in the last release, OpenPSA 9.2.0 is the first version which drops support for the legacy Midgard PHP extensions. This allowed us not only to remove a lot of old code, but also means we can begin taking advantage of the greatly expanded functionality our Doctrine backend offers. This already lead to improvements in performance-critical functions, but more goodness is sure to follow.
Dropping Midgard support also allowed us to begin taking advantage of newer PHP functionality (although the minimum required version is still a very modest PHP 5.4), which helps especially in security-related areas, and also paves the way for the new (Symfony Form-based) Datamanager to be rolled out all over the tree. This will be the major focus of the next release, in 9.2.0, you will find among others the following changes:
  • updated bundled JS libraries (elFinder, tinyMCE, jqueryUI, fullCalendar, fancytree, jqGrid)
  • begin rolling out Doctrine-based performance improvements
  • PDF generation for offers
  • improved RCS UI & consistency in associated serializers
  • groundwork for resource support in o.o.calendar
  • many, many cleanups, streamlining, fixes & usability improvements

As usual, OpenPSA can be downloaded from Github or installed via Composer. If you encounter any issues or have questions, just let us know!




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