OpenPSA 9.3.0 Released


It's that time again..

The next release of OpenPSA and the underlying MidCOM framework has arrived. The big news this time around is that we have switched over to the new, Symfony Forms-based datamanager. The immediate benefits are more, and more complete, localizations, HTML5 support, and a lot greater flexibility when rendering forms. And of course, this opens the door for many new exciting applications (not to mention that it gets rid of our last PHP4-era dependency..).

Aside from that, here's a few other highlights:


  • update bundled JS dependencies (elFinder, CodeMirror)
  • implement support for subtasks in project management & sales/invoicing
  • basic iCal create & edit support
  • more testcases and improved coverage
  • unbundling of optional components (DM2, tmp service, positioning)
  • Converted content cache & attachment serving to Symfony HTTP Foundation
  • many cleanups, API streamlining, small fixes and simplifications

As usual, you can get the release via Packagist/Composer, or directly from github.





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