OpenPSA 9.4.0 Released


Forwards ever, backwards never!

As in the past, this release continues on the trajectory of refactoring and modernizations. Now that the last of our legacy dependencies have been removed, we could focus a bit more on the framework code itself. In this release, the old authentication system has been much simplified and will now use Symfony internally, as will parts of the i18n service.

We‘ve also bumped the PHP requirement to 5.5, since anything older is way past it‘s due date, and the newly available functionality has been put to good use already, for example to improve the code organization in preparation for the next round of the Symfony rollout.

  • updated JS dependencies (TinyMCE, elFinder, fancytree)
  • improved IDE autocompletion support for DBA properties
  • switch from memcache to memcached extension
  • improved support for more exotic DM2 configurations in datamanager
  • the usual vast array of small usability improvements, simplifications, performance improvements and bug fixes

OpenPSA 9.4.0 is available from Packagist, and of course straight from the source on Github.




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