OpenPSA 9.5.0 Released


Just in time for the holiday season, here's a fresh release to play with

The most visible change in this release is probably that we have toned down our charming retro look by switching (almost) all icons from 16x16 PNGs to glyph icons, which is an improvement especially for high resolution displays.

Besides the integration of Symfony Routing already mentioned in the last article, the area that has seen most work is our new datamanager, which now supports a lot more of the old Datamanager2 functionality, and has become much more flexible towards future use cases. For example, you can now pass all regular Symfony Form options through schemas in addition to the classic DM2
ones. Also, you can now build form trees corresponding to an entire object graph.

The diffstat lists 1473 files changed, 22696 insertions and 26492 deletions, so you can image that there are many more improvements, for example:

  • improved offer creation & tracking workflow in Sales
  • updated JS dependencies (elFinder, fancyTree, jQgrid, tinyMCE)
  • the usual assortment of bug fixes, UX improvements, cleanups & refactorings

...and the rest you'll just have to find out about yourselves! OpenPSA 9.5.0 is available from Packagist, and of course straight from the source on Github.




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