"Off the Grid" - OpenPSA 9.0beta1 Released


After more than one year of development and over 2000 commits, we're proud to announce the first beta release of OpenPSA 9.

A lot has changed since the 8.09.9 release last July, both under the hood and in the application's user interface. Large parts of the codebase were refactored and cleaned up quite rigorously, while our growing collection of unit tests helps keeping the code stable. There are usability improvements, new features and fixes all over the place, you can find a small selection of changes in the list of closed tickets, all the details (since the creation of the new repository) in the list of changesets and try the application yourself on our demo server.

The application itself is quite stable and has already proven itself it productive use in a number of installations, even if there are still numerous things we'd still like to implement to realize OpenPSA's full potential.

One of these things is a nice, easy-to-use installer, but if you want to give OpenPSA a go on your own machine and are not afraid to get your hands a little dirty, just install Midgard 2, clone the repository on github, follow the instructions and don't hesitate to contact us on Qaiku, in the comments section or on the Midgard Project's user forum.




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